John Cena talks stunts in ‘Fast X’: ‘I still got it’

Well, he says “happy accident,” but it sounds more orchestrated than that. Cena says he wanted to do Barbie and was hanging around where the two movies were filming, and he just happened to run into Barbie star Margot Robbie one day and basically pitched himself to her, telling Today that he said he would “do, pretty much, whatever you guys need.”


Again, he says this was all a happy accident, but Vin Diesel’s not in Barbie as far as we know, same with Jason Momoa and Ludacris and all of the other people in Fast X. If this were just a random series of events that resulted in John Cena playing a merman in Barbie, then it would’ve happened for more Fast X people than just the one guy who really wanted to be in Barbie. Also, Cena and Robbie where in The Suicide Squad together, so he had a better shot at being in Barbie than most people already, he just had to get someone to pull the trigger.

Anyway, Cena says Robbie luckily made “a lot of the decisions” when it came to casting Barbie, so—whether or not director Greta Gerwig was on board, we don’t know—she made it happen. And now John Cena gets to do the two John Cena things (again, “funny” and “punching”) in two movies! We assume there’s punching in Barbie. What else would a merman do? It’s not like he can kick.