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Jordan Peele just became the first black writer to win Best Original Screenplay

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Though he admitted that he didn’t want to risk missing out on winning Jimmy Kimmel’s Jet Ski, Jordan Peele made the most of his acceptance speech time when he won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out at tonight’s Academy Awards. Along with the usual thanks, Peele acknowledged how hard it was for him to get the film made, saying he stopped writing it 20 times because he didn’t think anyone would let him do it. The whole time, though, he says he knew that if he got a chance to tell his story about a man confronting a community’s unexpectedly insidious racism, then people would show up to the theater and listen to what he had to say.


As we know now from Get Out’s massive box office success, he turned out to be right. With the award, he became the first black writer to win best original screenplay. Previous nominees include Suzanne de Passe for 1972'sLady Sings the Blues, Spike Lee in 1989 for Do the Right Thing, and John Singleton in 1991 for Boyz n the Hood.

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