(Photo: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images)

Now that multiple actors have accused him of sexual assault, Kevin Spacey has issued a statement with his intentions to “seek evaluation and treatment.” The statement, which is every bit as brief as the one rescinding one of Spacey’s TV honors, has no info beyond that, such as what kind of treatment program the House Of Cards star is entering (though it could be the kind of serial abuser rehab that Harvey Weinstein half-assed his way through). But backing away from the limelight is all he really has left to do at this point, after issuing a “sorry if you were offended” apology, coming out in an attempt to distract from Anthony Rapp’s allegation, and being left without a job. In addition to losing acting work, Spacey’s been dropped from online tutorial service MasterClass.

After Rapp told BuzzFeed he had been sexually assaulted by Spacey when he was just 14 years old, actor Roberto Cavazos and filmmaker Tony Montana stepped forward with their own accounts of Spacey trying to or succeeding in groping them.