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Kit Harington will delay Game Of Thrones filming so the cast can go to his wedding

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last month, we reported that Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Rose Leslie had gotten engaged, finally giving Jon Snow and Ygritte the happy ending they deserved before they both got killed—though one of them did eventually get better. Of course, if you and your betrothed met on the set of Game Of Thrones, you simply have to invite the entire cast of the show to your wedding, which is exactly what Harington and Leslie are doing. Unfortunately, their wedding is going to happen in the middle of filming for the show’s final season, so Harington had to ask the producers if they’d be willing to pause the whole production for a bit.

Harington told this story on the U.K.’s Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend (via IndieWire), and it turns out that the producers were surprisingly okay with his request. We don’t know who he specifically talked to, but the producer in question is apparently so stressed about the final season that Harington says “he’s reached the peaceful level.” It doesn’t sound like there are any plans to film the wedding and air it on HBO for hardcore Game Of Thrones fans, but hopefully somebody will release some fun photos at least.