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Leah Remini believes the LAPD is covering for Scientologists like Danny Masterson

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Earlier this month, we reported that an LAPD investigation into rape claims against former That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson had “inexplicably stalled” despite “compelling evidence” against him. Masterson is a member of the Church Of Scientology, and there were rumors that the organization was being particularly unhelpful to the investigators in an effort to protect him. As Leah Remini explains in a new story with The Daily Beast, though, it might go a lot further than Scientology simply being unhelpful. She says the organization has actually made an effort to cozy up with the LAPD, all in an attempt to convince the cops to ignore or downplay criminal complaints against members of Scientology.

Remini, who was raised in Scientology and hosts the hit A&E show Scientology And The Aftermath, says that Scientology has developed a partnership with the Police Activities League in the LAPD’s Hollywood division and presents a check to the organization every year around Christmas. Remini says this is in line with Scientology policies, which recommend that branches of the organization align themselves with local police departments, “because then nobody will attack your good works.” The implication—which is putting it mildly—is that Scientology specifically butters up to the LAPD so things like the investigation into Masterson will conveniently disappear.

Meanwhile, the next season of Masterson’s current show, The Ranch, will premiere on Netflix in December. Despite immediately cutting ties with Kevin Spacey and Louis CK after similar accusations against them came out, Netflix has shown no indication that will do anything about Masterson or The Ranch.

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