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Let’s check in on neo-Nazi troll Baked Alaska, who is hosting an extremely embarrassing talk show

If Twitter has seemed just a teensy bit more bearable over the last few months, that’s because Jack recently got around to banning Tim Gionet, the alt-right’s resident Goofus. As “Baked Alaska,” Gionet was one of the MAGA movement’s loudest, clumsiest trolls, a man just as likely to hit on 13-year old girls as he was to tweet out gas chamber memes and neo-Nazi dog whistles. (Those are seriously all things he did.) Yes, it seemed like Baked would do anything to own the libs, including, apparently, executing the task of “being alive” so miserably that he’s been forced to move from L.A. back to his home-state in Alaska, seemingly broadcasting out of his childhood bedroom.

Now, with only the baby moose to alienate, Baked has resorted to hosting some kind of neo-Nazi talk show. His first guest? Literal nazi Richard Spencer, who Gionet bends over backward to impress in between chats about ethno-nationalism and why “Christianity has been incredibly valuable to white people.”

Because it’d be cruel and unusual to subject anyone to one of Baked’s marathon sessions—one guest hilariously asks him when the interview will end—absurdist video editor Vic Berger and developer Nathan Bernard have highlighted some of the best bits, which you’ll find both above and below.


All this time alone in his bedroom has also given way to some introspection. In the below clip, Baked admits that 2017 was a tough year. “That was sorta my 2017,” he says. “It was literally everything I was getting invited to, it was like, ‘Yeah, nevermind, you’re disavowed, you’re disinvited.’” Man, can you imagine being so repellent that even creeps like Mike Cernovich don’t want you around?

What stands out, aside from all of the delicious schadenfreude, is just how bad at all of this Baked is. He can’t talk, he isn’t funny, and he babbles about himself constantly; literally the only thing this guy is good at is playing the victim. Granted, that’s really all the “alt-right” asks out of their icons, anyway.


If you’re interested in watching his ever-amusing downward spiral, his antics are being chronicled over at Milk Leaks.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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