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Celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the #pizzagate shooting by getting Mike Cernovich kicked off Twitter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One year ago today, a lunatic named Edgar Maddison Welch opened fire in Comet Ping Pong, a D.C.-area pizza restaurant. He did it because he was led to believe that the eatery was a hotbed of child sex trafficking, a conspiracy theory—known as #pizzagate—peddled online by the likes of Infowars’ Alex Jones and “alt-right” dipshits Mike Cernovich; Jack Posobiec; and the awful, awful son of disgraced general Mike Flynn. Jones has since sorta apologized for his part in the lie, while Cernovich and Posobiec have only downplayed their own involvement. Welch has since been sentenced to four years in prison; guys like Cernovich, meanwhile, have only seen their profile continue to rise.

And that’s a shame when you consider Cernovich’s long history, which includes everything from rape allegations to men’s rights bullshit to the inciting of harassment campaigns to the enablement of white nationalism (one of his heroes is a literal neo-nazi). All of his crimes are documented on Cernovich Leaks, a website that compiles old articles, screenshots of now-deleted tweets, and videos edited by internet satirist Vic Berger as a means of not letting Cernovich erase his own past, which he is sweatily trying to do these days. (Berger, it should be noted, was a victim of a Cernovich smear campaign, and has endured ongoing harassment from Cernovich’s followers and alt-accounts ever since.)

For example, Cernovich now claims he never named Comet Ping Pong when discussing #pizzagate, thus absolving him of any responsibility for the shooting. Luckily, Berger’s got the receipts.

Berger is also pushing a petition, started by an anonymous group, to get Cernovich banned from Twitter, his main forum. It might be a futile effort, considering Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey follows Cernovich on the platform and seems totally fine with the site’s proliferation of racist hate speech (from our president and beyond), but it’s worth it if it convinces even one person not to subscribe to the guy’s vision of post-truth media Sign it here.

Also, if Cernovich stays Tim Heidecker goes. The choice is easy, people.