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Netflix will also get users hooked on Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Continuing a successful partnership that allowed them to turn their distribution of Breaking Bad into a veritable empire, Netflix and Sony have teamed up to similarly push their new product, the Saul Goodman spinoff Better Call Saul, into U.S., Latin American, and European markets after it airs on AMC. Netflix proved instrumental in getting users hooked on Breaking Bad, and it’s certain to do the same for this newer, slightly less pure cut of the same habit-forming show by making it readily available in people’s homes without a cable subscription or even forced, idle chitchat with its dealers. The entire first season of Saul will be made available on Netflix as soon as its finale airs on AMC, at a still TBD date in 2014, and it’s expected that this partnership will continue to cook up new distribution deals for any future seasons beyond that, until Netflix inevitably turns on Sony and tries to have it killed.