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Normal person Donald Trump uses both hands to drink water

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Of The United Goddamned States of America Donald Trump doesn’t do things how you’d expect. He’s not some “by the book politician” who “plays by the rules.” He’s isn’t an establishment man, eager for your approval, and that’s why everyone respects him so much.

Would you expect a leader like him not drink his water like a true maverick?


Pulled from a speech given yesterday, this tiny refreshment break obviously isn’t the first time Trump has managed to fuck up the universal human act of drinking water, but that doesn’t make it any less puzzling to observe.

The two-handed method, usually reserved for toddlers and the infirm, has naturally lead to widespread comparisons with many other acts that require Trump’s weaselly little double grip.


It’s also prompted sweet reminiscences of other great moments in iconoclastic water sipping, including the following tweet which definitely should not be viewed on a full stomach:


Truly a new breed, Trump has redefined not just the landscape of contemporary American politics, but also our long unquestioned approach to drinking water. Expect dudes in khakis and red baseball caps to follow suit soon, swigging from drinks held in pretty much the exact same way as that wonderful little bat from Star Wars.

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