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A brief rundown of world leaders humiliating the president this year

Trump, having no goddamned clue, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Photo: Patrik Stollarz/ Getty Images)

Sure, President Donald Trump is hated by celebrities, athletes, rappers, boy scouts, Native Americans, U2, pornographers, Puerto Rico, his staff, the FBI, and most of his constituency, but did you also know he’s a joke amongst many of the world’s leaders as well? Even ones that aren’t Kim Jong-Un? Because he is, and a new video from New York compiles some of their disgust in one, easy-to-digest compilation.

In it, you’ll see Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull mock Trump as if he were Charlie Sheen; First Lady of Poland Agata Kornhauser-Duda practically leap out of the way of a Trump handshake; and Pope Francis ask Melania what she feeds this oaf. A clip of French president Emmanuel Macron veering away from Trump while approaching a large gathering is more up to interpretation, but whatever smell wafts off Trump is probably enough to make anybody switch course.


Even Russian president Vladimir Putin makes an appearance, telling a gathering of the media that “[Trump] is not my bride and I am not his groom.” Notice how he made Trump the “bride” in the scenario. Such an alpha move.

Well, at least he’ll always have Twitter.


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