Norman Reedus, other Walking Dead stars pay tribute to good dog who played “Dog”

Seven, who played "Dog" on three seasons of the AMC mega-hit, has died—prompting messages of love from Reedus and other co-stars

Norman Reedus, other Walking Dead stars pay tribute to good dog who played “Dog”
Seven, the dog actor who played “Dog” on The Walking Dead Photo: Josh Stringer/AMC

Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and other members of the vast Walking Dead ensemble came together on social media today to pay tribute to a fallen friend: Seven, the dog actor who portrayed “Dog” on three seasons of the AMC mega-hit. (Being one of the relatively few character to survive all the way to the end of the series, after first appearing in season 9.) News of Seven’s death was announced by the official Walking Dead Instagram account, writing “Rest in peace, Seven. #TWD’s best boy.”

Reedus, whose character Daryl Dixon was Dog’s “owner,” followed suit by posting a picture of himself with Seven, and referring to him in his Instagram Stories as his “Best tv buddy ever.” Other cast members, and series showrunner Angela Kang, posted a photo of McBride with Seven, expressing sadness at the pooch’s passing.

Best of Daryl & Dog | The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was Seven’s only major TV or film role (although IMDB informs us that he did appear in a 2015 film called Ghost Squad, directed by Joel Souza—which caused us to double-take, since Souza is now much better known for being the director of the infamous upcoming Western movie Rust). Reedus previously talked about working with his new co-star in 2018, in an interview with, saying that, “I think he’s the smartest cast member we got. We just did a scene the other day that ended up being the opposite of what it was supposed to be because the dog just wanted to do something else, and it came out so much better. He’ll probably be running the show. It’s great! I love it. He loves me, too.”

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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