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Phil Lord and Chris Miller to direct adaptation of Martian author's new novel

(Photo: Getty Images for The Wrap, Kevork Djansezian)

According to Deadline, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have found their first feature directing gig since getting fired from the Han Solo movie. They’ve signed on to make Artemis, an adaptation of the upcoming novel from The Martian author Andy Weir. The book won’t be released until November, but it’s apparently an “adrenaline-charged crime caper” with “smart, detailed world-building based on real science” about a “directionless twentysomething” named Jazz who dreams of leaving her small town—which actually happens to be on the moon. Jazz is also a smuggler in space who gets unexpectedly wrapped up in a larger story, which is probably a coincidence and not an indication that Lord and Miller really wish they were still making the Han Solo movie.

As Deadline points out, this whole thing is pretty high-profile thanks to the success of The Martian and how in-demand Lord and Miller are now that their schedule opened up. It sounds like the two of them were being courted by a few studios, with one of the possibilities being a return to The Flash movie (which they wrote a draft of the script for a while back). They’re also working on a new comedy series for ABC.


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