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Riverdale season 4 trailer promises yet more chaotic evil for the gang’s senior year

Is it ever sunny in The CW’s Riverdale? Does the sun ever shine there? Not that you’d notice in the latest trailer for season four, which features a provocative nightclub, dimly lit scenes of teenagers drinking cocktails, and one of the town’s favorite activities: looking for people in the woods with flashlights.

This time, the search party is searching for our favorite weirdo, Jughead— whose disappearance was foretold in the closing moments of season 3. The trailer then moves on to fun stuff like a new crime scene, Veronica performing burlesque, and Betty getting whacked in the head by a bat. Yup, totally normal high-school occurrences. Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica have reunited, to no one’s surprise, and Cheryl continues to slay the slow-motion walk down the school corridor.


Riverdale’s season 4 opener will feature a tribute to cast member Luke Perry (who played Archie’s dad Fred Andrews), who died in March after a stroke. His Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty will make an appearance in the episode, which will air on October 9.

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