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Safelite isn't happy about that “creepy tech” sketch on SNL

(Screenshot: Saturday Night Live)

The 43rd season of Saturday Night Live is still in its nascency so it hasn’t yet earned Trump’s ire, but it has managed to upset the good folks at Safelite AutoGlass. This weekend’s Gal Gadot-led outing included a sketch which saw Beck Bennett play a creepy, goateed Safelite tech who takes his on-call duties much more seriously when there’s a cute teenager (played by Melissa Villaseñor) involved.

The repair tech quickly goes from helpful to unsettling, which is presumably not the image the company wants to project (although they should be impressed by Bennett’s attention to detail in replacing the windshields he’s intentionally busted—he’s clearly a pro). Safelite’s social media team shared their disappointment with the sketch, calling it “a step too far” and hashtagging the whole thing as #notcool.


This marks the second time in as many weeks that the subject of a sketch—who isn’t the president—responded to a bit after it aired; last Sunday, the creator of Papyrus was living it up after Ryan Gosling obsessed over his font.

[via Uproxx]

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