Pull your Keurig out of the trash and brew up a coffee. Sean Hannity, the only legitimate journalist working today, has just unveiled definitive proof of a Hillary Clinton conspiracy and you’re going to need to be fully alert to take it all in.

Having likely transferred his bedroom corkboard, full of newspaper clippings strung together with red string, onto a bewildering, prime time-ready graph, the Fox News host got to the heart of America’s current problems by really just nailing Hillary to the boards. Look on below for definitive proof of her corruption. Impeachment soon? Oh wait.

Hannimal’s latest public embarrassment is uniquely illustrative of the specific brand of “completely fucking unhinged” his network specializes in.


Others have created their own spins on the groundbreaking graph with lovely Photoshops and new representations of the presented information.


Lest we reassure ourselves that fevered spider graphs are just a Hannity special, let’s not get too comfortable. They’re actually a form of perfectly clear information display favored by inexplicably authoritative, conspiracy-minded people from all aspects of American politics . . . even those presenting their cases in houses of government.


We’re in good hands, folks.

[via Uproxx]