Suits reunion falls victim to 2024 Golden Globes ceremony

We sat through nearly three hours of the Golden Globes for a Suits reunion that lacked Markle and sparkle

Suits reunion falls victim to 2024 Golden Globes ceremony
Suits stars Sarah Rafferty, Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht and Gina Torres at the Golden Globes Photo: Gregg DeGuire (Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images)

Perhaps the biggest snub at tonight’s Golden Globes was a lack of recognition of 2023’s most watched and discussed series: Suits. While The Bear, Succession, and Beef took home gold for their 2023 input, Suits, the 2010s USA original series that, to be clear, is no longer in active production, went home empty-handed. But, A.V. Club, what about that Suits reunion the supposedly new and improved Golden Globes promised? Well, it happened, but none of our problems have been solved!

Striking while the iron is hot, at least in terms of the show’s surprising second-life as a Netflix streaming phenomenon, the cast of Suits, a show that left the air in 2019, appeared at tonight’s Golden Globes to present the award for Best Television Series — Drama. It wasn’t much of a moment, especially with some hoping that famously reclusive Suits star Meghan Markle would attend. Alas, we had to settle for Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres surprising Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht on stage to a smattering of applause.

Adams, Macht, Rafferty, and Torres all did their best to boost the flailing award show, using the opportunity to mock the industry for basically ignoring the series for nine seasons. “It’s hard to imagine having to wait so long to see your show get that kind of recognition,” Adams joked on stage. It could’ve been a streaming hit this whole time.

Of course, the bit didn’t go over great in the room. Then again, what did tonight? (Other than Will Ferrell saying, “It smells like hot sushi in here!”) Though it left some in the room and online confused about who these people were and what Suits was, the Suits nation seemed pleased to see their old friends again.

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