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The FCC’s Ajit Pai now openly mocking net neutrality protesters with his dumb new video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’re getting closer and closer to a crisis point on net neutrality, as current FCC chairman Ajit Pai wages a minor internet culture war to convince people to support his plans for a “free internet”—i.e., one in which protections don’t exist to stop service providers from charging different amounts of money to stream different kinds of content. Having already tussled with Ron Swanson, Pai has now resorted to a time-honored internet tradition: openly mocking his critics, via a video he recently uploaded at conservative site The Daily Caller, in which he pantomimes “all the things” we’ll still be able to do after he guts these regulations for sport.


As a way to convince people to get aboard his plan, it’s abysmal—no one’s arguing that we won’t be able to “’gram food” or watch Game Of Thrones when net neutrality passes, just that we’ll be at the whims of our already quasi-monopolistic ISPs when it comes to how much we’ll pay to do it (and how fast it’ll be when we do). But as a bit of textbook “smug asshole gloating,” it’s straight out of the playbook of his boss, Donald Trump, as we’re forced to watch this goofy jackass twist a fidget spinner and do the fucking Harlem Shake, even as he plots to strip protections from the most important technological advance of the modern era.