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Ron Swanson has a bone to pick with FCC chairman (and Parks And Rec fan) Ajit Pai

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Ajit Pai, the current chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is a lot more than just a corporate stooge and detestable harbinger of internet deregulation. He’s also a big Parks And Recreation fan. He’s invoked the NBC sitcom in at least one official statement and even has a framed copy of Ron Swanson’s inspirational Pyramid Of Greatness hanging outside his office, according to an interview published in Radio World. But as Pai’s attempt to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality laws that keep all internet traffic free and equal approaches, it appears word of his fandom has gotten back to Parks And Rec star Nick Offerman. He took it upon himself to get a reaction from the Pyramid’s creator, which he promptly directed to Pai on Twitter.


That “duplicitous handling” is, of course, in reference to the lies, exaggerations, and assertions Pai and the FCC have been spouting ever since the chairman laid out his plan to undo net neutrality, such as “Restoring Internet freedom will lead to better, faster, and cheaper broadband for consumers.” As Swanson says, Pai might not know the first thing about honor, but he’s definitely learned a thing or two about another of the Pyramid Of Greatness’ attributes: selfishness.

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