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The guy who temporarily deleted Trump's Twitter account has finally stepped forward to accept our praise

(Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, Twitter users worldwide were granted a brief respite from the online reign of Donald Trump, when Twitter temporarily suspended his account for a handful of minutes. A few hours after Trump’s account was brought back online, Twitter revealed that the deletion wasn’t a computer glitch or human error, but a deliberate action by an employee who seized the opportunity of his final day of work to enshrine himself as legend.

Now, the identity of this masked online vigilante has finally been revealed, with TechCrunch running a piece today with German citizen Bahtiyar Duysak, the guy whose recent work and study visa in the U.S. ended in such spectacular fashion. Duysak’s brief suspension of Trump’s account doesn’t appear to have been spurred on by revolutionary zeal, though; working as a member of Twitter’s Trust And Safety team—the people tasked with figuring out which reports of abusive behavior are legitimate—he says a flag on Trump’s tweets came in just as he was finishing his last day at work. Assuming it wouldn’t actually go through—Twitter has supposedly protected Trump’s account from content flagging, citing newsworthiness as a reason to protect it from the company’s usual standards—he set the account to deactivate as a joke, turned off his computer, and walked away.


Duysak says the whole thing was a mistake; he assumed Twitter’s protections would stop the deactivation before it actually went into effect. He doesn’t seem especially regretful, though; the biggest hassle of the whole thing has been the media, apparently, which has been relentless in its drive to track this unsung hero down.

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