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An anonymous Twitter hero temporarily deleted Trump's account on their very last day of work

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier today, the internet breathed a welcome (if short-lived) sigh of relief, when Donald Trump’s Twitter account suddenly disappeared from the web for an extremely cathartic 3 minutes of quiet. Rather than applaud this brief moment of freedom, though, the micro-blogging service promptly set to investigating this momentary lapse of service from the frothing shit fountain now nestled at its heart, eventually announcing that the outage was due to “human error.”


But that turned out to not even be the half of it, as the service’s Twitter Government account came back a few hours later to report that the “error” in question was actually the most amazing “fuck this job” gesture in recent memory—our words, not theirs—revealing that a customer service worker for the company had apparently taken advantage of their final day in the position to try to wipe Trump’s tweets from the net.


According to Twitter, the company is conducting a “full internal review” of how this terrible event could have possibly happened; meanwhile, people across the internet are performing investigations of their own, asking hard-hitting questions like “Who is this unnamed hero?” “Can we high-five them?” and “What’s their Venmo account?”