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The Mayor's Brandon Micheal Hall to star in Greg Berlanti's God Friended Me

(Photo: Getty Images for GQ, Michael Kovac)

Just about a month after ABC effectively assassinated The Mayor, star Brandon Micheal Hall has found a new gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has signed on to star in God Friended Me, a CBS drama pilot from CW superhero mastermind Greg Berlanti. The show is about an “outspoken atheist” (played by Hall) who must deal with a reality-altering revelation when he literally gets a friend request from God on Facebook, driving him to become an inadvertent “agent of change in the lives and destinies of other around him.”

That makes it sound a little vindictive, like God is punishing the atheist for choosing not to believe in Him, but that would be a bit more mean-spirited than most of Berlanti’s other TV work—as long as you ignore the many Flash episodes that are all about him making stupid mistakes and putting his friends in danger. The Hollywood Reporter story says that the show will be “humorous and uplifting” while exploring “questions of faith, existence, and science,” so maybe it won’t be as existentially terrifying as the premise implies.


The Hollywood Reporter also noted that there was some hope that a different network might rescue The Mayor, but with Hall moving on to this new pilot, its odds of reelection seem slim.

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