Elliot Page was thrilled with The Umbrella Academy‘s trans story arc: “It was really special”

Page says his character's experience in the Netflix show resonates with his real-life transition

Elliot Page was thrilled with The Umbrella Academy‘s trans story arc: “It was really special”
Elliot Page Photo: Theo Wargo

It wasn’t immediately clear how The Umbrella Academy would handle one of its star’s offscreen transition, but the third season returned with a loving, thoughtful arc that mirrored Elliot Page’s real-life experience. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor praises the series, showrunner Steve Blackman, and writer Thomas Page McBee for how they handled the character of Viktor.

“I think the arc ultimately, and in retrospect, has been really clear in so many ways,” Page reflects. “Viktor’s discomfort and the walls that he puts up, I think without realizing, he’s just so folded in on himself and meeting [second season love interest] Sissy and getting to feel more embodied and self-assured, and it was really, really quite special to actually reflect on that. I think through conversations with Thomas, we were really able to feel what that honest progression is.”

He cites Viktor’s siblings’ reactions to the change as “resonating” with his lived experience: “We don’t see that when we’re not in control of our stories a lot of the time. So it felt really special.” Regarding his favorite Viktor moment, Page points to a dance scene towards the end of the season: “I found that so deeply moving and just seeing Viktor and his body moving, present, eyes closed with all the siblings—that to me is a special moment.”

As for Page’s experience as a performer on The Umbrella Academy, “I felt so supported by everyone,” he shares. “We were shooting right after I disclosed that I’m trans, in total isolation. That was definitely an overwhelming period, but I feel so lucky that I was going to work and getting to be with so many supportive people. I’m so lucky to work with this cast. And in any moment that I did express fear and anxiety, I felt listened to and cared for. And obviously, that should be the case all the time, but we know how things are. So, it’s special.”

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