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The Weinstein Company begins scrubbing Harvey Weinstein's name from TV credits

(Photo: Getty Images, Andreas Rentz)

Last night, The Weinstein Company fired co-founder Harvey Weinstein amid the allegations that he has been sexually harassing women for decades, and now Variety is reporting that his name is being scrubbed from the credits of some Weinstein Company TV projects. The Paramount Network—formerly Spike TV—has confirmed that Weinstein will no longer be listed as an executive producer on Waco and Yellowstone, and The Weinstein Company is “taking steps” to get his name removed from Project Runway, History’s Six, and an upcoming David O’ Russell project for Amazon as well.

Variety believes that this will result in a “financial hit over the long term” for Weinstein, even though existing contracts ensure that he’ll still make some money from these projects. Deadline expects The Weinstein Company to begin taking Harvey Weinstein’s name off of upcoming movies as well, but that will be a “more complex process” as he has been more involved with film projects than with TV.


Of course, there is also a larger issue with the studio trying to distance itself from Harvey Weinstein: It’s named after him. That same Deadline report also says that The Weinstein Company has been “auditioning ad agencies” to try and find one that will be able to come up with an entirely new name for the studio. There’s no word on what that new name might be or when the change will happen, though.

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