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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

YouTube isn’t all Paul brothers and racist gamers. Brush aside all that blonde hair and you’ll find a slew of lunatics who use heavy duty machinery for purposes of wanton destruction. Take the Hacksmith, a Canadian hardware whiz who, in trying to learn how to fly like Iron Man, has somehow acquired a jet engine. And what better to do with a jet engine than try and replicate what would happen if some idiot placed their face next to it?

To be fair, the Hacksmith’s experiment here is ostensibly a means of ensuring he won’t slough away all the skin from his arms when he dons this thing. Because, based on what happens to the replica head they dig up out of storage and place in its path, that’s pretty much exactly what would happen. Ribbons of skin flap off it like damp party streamers, leaving behind a grinning skull that can’t seem to believe just how hard it’s been killed. Any metal band brainstorming their next video might want to hire this guy.


Watch the full experiment above, and for the love of god don’t try this at home.

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