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When it comes to birthdays, the Trump family doesn’t have a good track record. They either forget to celebrate, or just decide to focus on more important things, like deflecting blame. Their history of filling out official documents is equally as spotty, whether we’re talking security clearance or voter registration.

It’s one thing to be so busy running the country (into the ground) that you can’t quite remember your daughter’s birthday, or to omit that little get-together you had with a Russian ambassador while filling out your security clearance. But getting your own birth date wrong is another matter entirely, so naturally, that’s exactly what Trump has done. The New York Daily News reports that when the president filled out his absentee ballot back in October for New York City’s mayoral election, he wrote his birthday down as “7/14/1946,” but he was actually born on June 14 of 1946. The publication pulled the Board Of Elections’ records on Trump’s vote, which may or may not be disqualified due to the error.


Trump’s certainly vain enough to fudge his age by one whole month, but this is more than likely just another gaffe in the proud Trump tradition—the Daily News also notes that Ivanka Trump never got around to mailing in her absentee ballot, while her husband Jared Kushner just didn’t bother to vote. Melania Trump filled out her ballot in block letters, but didn’t sign the envelope, so her vote didn’t count either. It’s clear this family doesn’t have much of a grasp of democracy.

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