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Last week, we presented some evidence on the possibility that Ivanka Trump doesn’t actually know how to use words, a theory based on her bizarre misuse of terms like “complicit,” “juxtaposition,” and “overlay.” We also noted that she doesn’t seem to know what a birthday is, at least according to a tweet in which she said “happy birthday” to her son after he turned 8 months old. Traditionally, one’s birthday is the specific day they were born, so you’re only supposed to celebrate that specific event annually.

Today happens to be Ivanka Trump’s birthday, and her daughter Arabella decided to write a nice note on some official Ivanka Trump stationary:


As Trump herself notes, Arabella also doesn’t seem to understand how birthdays work, a fun nod that lets Ivanka Trump in on the joke about how she doesn’t understand birthdays. This comes from Newsweek, which also notes that Donald Trump has a history of pulling out all the stops and lavishing his favorite daughter with loads of Twitter praise on her birthday, so let’s check in and see what that jackass has to say about Ivanka today:


Oh, it seems like he’s a little preoccupied with something else. Surely Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s loving husband, will have some nice things to say about her on Twitter today. Let’s check in with him:

(Image: Screenshot, Twitter.com)


Huh, he deleted his entire Twitter history. Well that’s certainly strange. Hopefully this isn’t because of that jerk Robert Mueller, who seems to be inviting a bunch of the Trump family’s friends to some secret party of his own.