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With Wonder Woman 2, Patty Jenkins becomes the highest-paid female director of all time

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Earlier today, we reported that Patty Jenkins has finally inked a deal to direct the Wonder Woman sequel, months after it was first announced. The reason for the delay is that Jenkins was holding out for a fee proportionate to what her male peers receive for directing a big ol’ blockbuster tentpole film. Then The Hollywood Reporter came forward with details on Jenkins’ pay for the film, and according to its report, she’s not only getting a good deal, she’s getting the biggest paycheck ever collected by a female director in Hollywood.

“The deal is precedent-setting, making Jenkins the highest-paid female filmmaker in history, though getting to this point was ‘challenging,’” as THR puts it. In practical terms, that means Jenkins will get paid between $7 million and $9 million to direct Wonder Woman 2, or Wonder Woman: The Return, or whatever it ends up being called. She’ll also get a “considerable” share of the movie’s profits, a.k.a. “backend.” That’s significantly more than Jenkins made for Wonder Woman, for which she was paid $1 million. But it’s on par with Zack Snyder’s quote after making Man Of Steel, whose $668 million gross falls short of Wonder Woman’s $816 million. The most a female director has ever commanded, according to THR, is the $5 million per film Nancy Meyers was making at the height of her rom-com powers.


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