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Woman trades a packet of the Rick And Morty Szechuan Sauce for a car

Illustration for article titled Woman trades a packet of the iRick And Morty/i Szechuan Sauce for a car

McDonald’s Rick And Morty-inspired Schezuan Sauce promotion ended without anybody seeming like they really got what they wanted out of it: McDonald’s came off like out-of-touch, withholding monsters for underestimating how badly people would be craving the promotional sauce. Rick And Morty looked bad by association. And none of the actual participants in the event—both the fans who lined up for blocks only to be denied their precious condiments, and the minimum-wage workers who had to field angry demands from people shouting “Wubba-lubba-dub-dub” in their faces for a solid Saturday—seemed to have much fun.


The day’s events do seem to have at least one winner, though: Michigan resident Rachel Marie, who apparently managed to trade a rare packet of the Szechuan Sauce for an actual, working car. According to The Drive, Marie originally went on Facebook with her prize, looking to offload it in exchange for some collectible pins; instead, some sauce-loving maniac offered her a 2004 Volkswagen GTI. Faster than you can say, “Oh god, Rick would hate this,” she snatched up the trade, netting a new used car, while the car’s former owner got the warm satisfaction of knowing they’ve now become a new milestone in the fields of obsessive, potentially toxic fandom. (Meanwhile, McDonald’s has said it’s bringing the sauce back, some time soon, so all the food-goo profiteers out there had better be sure to prepare their garage or driveway for all the new wheels they’ll certainly soon be bringing home.)

[via Eater]

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