PNAU, Bebe Rexha, Ozuna - Stars (Official Video)

The video, which attempts to capitalize on the uniquely warped and transformative AI “aesthetic,” feels designed to numb the unassuming viewer into submission (or alternatively, kill a person on LSD). Both Rexha and Ozuna appear in the video, commanding attention as best they can until their faces morph and melt into alien beings or strange multi-faced facsimiles evoking some sort of hyperpop-pilled Tomie. Set in a universe that vaguely echoes the well-loved “society if...” Twitter meme, the AI-generated footage boomerangs through the genuinely upsetting world, which appears to be ruled by long-limbed expressionless robots, bug-like machines, and faceless women in pink suits.


Although the lyrics of the song mercilessly hammer home a connection between AI and limitless imagination (the chorus begins: “Face in to creation/ Imagination will release your soul”), the video feels like a strategy to distract from the song itself, which is not good. If anything, the only comforting sentiment out of this release is that Rexha and Ozuna do not actually exist in this overstimulating purgatory.

“Stars” may not come close to reinventing the wheel, but the fearsome graphics of its accompanying video are potent enough to trigger some nostalgia for a time when the world was new, and the wheel was literally being invented. Where is Bill and Ted’s time-traveling phone booth when you need it the most?