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CBS is developing a Stripes TV show

(Photo: Getty Images, Columbia Pictures)

So far, networks haven’t had any luck adapting classic Bill Murray movies into TV shows, with NBC passing on the gender-swapped What About Bob? adaptation earlier this year, but now CBS is dipping into the Bill Murray well for an adaptation of its own. According to Variety, the network is developing a series based on Stripes, the 1981 comedy about a couple of rebellious jokesters joining the army, and because it’s an ‘80s comedy, they end up facing off against the Soviet military. Along with Murray, the original also starred Harold Ramis and was directed by Ivan Reitman.

This new adaptation is coming from Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, and Zach Cregger from The Whitest Kids U’ Know, and Ivan Reitman will even return to direct. Variety doesn’t say if Murray is involved at all, but he does have a habit of randomly showing up in places.


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