Chris Pine Addresses Harry Styles Spitting Rumor *What REALLY Happened* | Explain This | Esquire

Not content to merely clear Styles’ name regarding crimes of excess saliva, Pine also provided an explanation for the pop star’s much-derided “movie that feels like a movie” comment. The actor shared, “I think Harry leaned down and said, ‘It’s just words isn’t it?’ We had this little joke. We were all jet lagged and trying to answer questions and sometimes when you’re doing these press things your brain goes befuddled and you start speaking gibberish, so we had a joke: ‘It’s just words.’” This clarification demonstrates incredible generosity of spirit from Pine, whose own most viral moment of the event was appearing as though his soul had left his body while his co-star was speaking.


“All the memes I saw about my face in Venice made me fucking laugh,” says Pine, who claims he “was admiring the ceiling of the Palazzo del Casinò, jet-laggedly,” per Esquire. “Sometimes the question’s not that interesting, and you just fucking zone out, and you’re looking at a ceiling because it’s really pretty.”

As for the rumors of on-set feuding between Pugh and director Olivia Wilde, “If there was drama, there was drama. I absolutely didn’t know about it, nor really would I have cared,” Pine stated. “If I feel badly, it’s because the vitriol that the movie got was absolutely out of proportion with what was onscreen. Venice was normal things getting swept up in a narrative that people wanted to make, compounded by the metastasizing that can happen in the Twitter-sphere. It was ridiculous.” Could this finally be the last word on Don’t Worry Darling? (Let’s be real: Probably not.)