Atlanta (Photo: FX)

Are you an actor who considers themselves to be a “white trash” type? How about a “sketchy mom” who really enjoys violence? If so, FX’s Atlanta might be able to give you your big break. According to a Facebook listing, the Emmy-winning series is looking for some “very tan caucasians” to play people from Florida, some “white people with the ability to portray ‘charactery white trash’ types,” and a “sketchy mom” who will cheer while someone gets beaten up. The listing also says that the “white trash” actors will get pay bump if you let the show use your car, so if you happen to own a character-appropriate vehicle—probably a Camaro—you might be in luck.

These listings also give us a little tease of what to expect from the highly anticipated second season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta, specifically that it will include some people from Florida, some “white trash” people, and a “sketchy mom” who likes to watch people get beaten up.