(Photo: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix)

Netflix confirmed today that Carlos Muñoz Portal, a location manager for its historical drug cartel drama Narcos, was found dead in Mexico earlier this week. According to Variety, Muñoz had been scouting locations for the show’s fourth season, and was found in his car near the border of the Mexican state of Hidalgo. He had been shot multiple times.


Muñoz, 37, was a veteran location scout, helping films like Fast & Furious, Sicario, and Spectre find places to film in and around the country. Narcos is reportedly shifting its focus to Mexico for its already-announced fourth season, tracking the movement of the drug wars from Colombia as they began to move further north.

Netflix released a statement on Muñoz’s death today, writing, “We are aware of the passing of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a well-respected location scout, and send our condolences to his family. The facts surrounding his death are still unknown as authorities continue to investigate.”