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(Screenshot: Netflix/The IT Crowd)

Suggesting that someone at NBC is really in love with modem-based humor, the network has announced that it’s now taking a third stab at rebooting—computers!—the now-classic British sitcom The IT Crowd for an American audience. The network’s past efforts to bring the show to America have famously produced uniformly dismal results, despite the involvement of a host of truly great people, including Joel McHale, Bill Lawrence, Jessica St. Clair, and the show’s original star, Richard Ayoade—a result that might suggest to a less IT-crazy network that the project was doomed from the start.

But NBC is barreling ahead anyway, with Variety reporting that the show’s original creator, Graham Linehan, is being brought aboard to oversee the new series. Linehan is the creator of a number of beloved British cult shows, including Black Books and Father Ted; hopefully, he’ll be able to help the series translate its Britishness into something that primetime American audiences won’t immediately recoil from, for once.


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