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Rose McGowan turns herself in to Virginia authorities on drug warrant

(Photo: Getty Images, Aaron Thornton)

Late last month, we reported that the state of Virginia had issued a warrant for the arrest of Rose McGowan on a drug possession charge from a January 20 incident in which employees at Dulles International Airport reportedly found traces of narcotics on some personal belongings that McGowan had apparently left on a plane. The police issued a warrant for her to appear in court in February, but since she was never served with the warrant, nobody would’ve known about it unless the police had looked up her records. In a weird bit of timing, though, the warrant suddenly resurfaced shortly after McGowan publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, an apparent coincidence that inspired McGowan to wonder on social media if someone was trying to “silence” her—and that was before the report came out about Weinstein’s supposed army of spies who were hired to dig up dirt on his accusers.

Now, People is reporting that McGowan has turned herself in to the authorities in Virginia, who arrested her, booked her, and released her on a $5,000 bond. McGowan hasn’t said anything publicly about this since, at least on Twitter, but she did recently retweet an Onion story and shared this photo:

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