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Bird in the Sky



Rob Lowa Abreu (Rob)Bridget Barkan (Bridge)Mike Kuchar (Grandfather)Kay Merryweather (Kay)Johnny Rodriguez (John)


Robert Flanagan



Combining documentary elements with the finish of a feature film, BIRD IN THE SKY is a gritty, poetic tale of a young man's spiritual struggle on the streets of New York City. Rob has been given a second chance to right the wrongs of his street-wise past; he must perform a miracle to be saved. His fate lies in his love for a young woman, Kay, who is coping with the loss of her child, and his holy conviction that he can relieve her grief by miraculously bringing back the little girl. The line between good and evil, between crime and miracle, is crossed only by those willing to face God. New York City is more than a backdrop to this compelling film, the city gave birth to the story, the characters and the style. The film couldn't have been made any other place, yet the message is universal and speaks to people everywhere.