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Blood on the Flat Track: The Rise of the Rat City Rollergirls

1h 35m


Chuck Bury (Chuck Bury)Hot Carla (Self)Seymoure Carnage (Self)Basket Casey (Self)Femme Fatale (Femme Fatale)Hot Flash (Hot Flash)Miss Fortune (Miss Fortune)Betty Ford Galaxy (Betty Ford Galaxy)Randy Pan the Goat Boy (Derby Rules Voiceover)Lorien Gruchalla (PamOpticon)Her Highness (Her Highness)Robin Yo Life (Robin Yo Life)MommacherryHurt Reynolds (Hurt Reynolds)Darth Skater (Darth Skater)Jake Stratton (Professor Jake Stratton)


Lacey Leavitt, Lainy Bagwell



The sport of women's roller derby has made an enormous comeback, now with more than 30 leagues nationwide forming the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. Blood on the Flat Track focuses on the Rat City Rollergirls of Seattle, who formed their league from scratch in April of 2004. In the first season, the league started playing at a small rink in front of about 200 fans; they now sell out of 1,500 tickets monthly. This film follows the teams throughout its first two seasons and focuses on the women who comprise the league, their teams' struggle to win the championship bout and their relationships with each other.