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In a Time of Siege



Studs Terkel (Narrator)


Jackie Rivet-River



In a Time of Siege, narrated by Studs Terkel in his own words, admires the work of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly and other members of the group Voices in the Wilderness, whose humanitarian delegations defiantly delivered medicines to Iraq in violation of U.S. led UN economic sanctions. The group was attempting to address what it saw as a misguided and inhumane effort that failed to punish the Hussein Regime but instead contributed to what the medical journal Lancet reported to be a more than doubling of infant and child mortality rates. The group makes the case that the many thousands of child deaths that occurred were in fact a direct result of the UN Sanctions, and should therefore have been defied as a matter of conscience. Back in the US, many members of the group, Kelly in particular, faced possible jail and large fines as a result of their delegations.