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Methysmena koufeta

1h 46m


Vasilis TsivilikasKostas TerzakisEleftheria RigouAriel KonstantinidiMarina TsintikidouZozo Zarpa


Vasilis Tsivilikas, Giorgos Filis



On the morning of his wedding day, a man wakes up in a hotel room. He finds himself in bed with a woman which he does not recall having met before. He is uncertain who she is or whether they had a sexual encounter. He enlists the help of his best man to hide what happened from his bride. But as the wedding hour is approaching, the situation is getting weirder. The strange woman seems to have fallen for him, and he is somewhat smitten with her. But she happens to be his best man's girlfriend, and his rather enraged best man threatens to kill him. His best man is also implied to be in love with the man's bride, as they have been best friends for most of their lives. The best man does not tolerate loosing two women because of his buddy.