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Osso Bucco

1h 26m


Mike Starr (Jelly Dinotto)Illeana Douglas (Megan)Christian Stolte (Nick)Antoine McKay (Detective Bob Ed)Aaron Roman Weiner (Detective Orin Bone)Michael Gilio (Kevin)Perry Anzilotti (Luigi)Eduardo N. Martinez (Pinto)Mike Nussbaum (Uncle Sil)Joe D. Lauck (Captain Lewis)Richard Bull (Old Man Diner)Roslyn Alexander (Old Woman Diner)Michelle Roberts-Bradley (News Anchor 1)Gary Taylor (News Anchor 2)Susan Mathein (Flight Attendant)Talia O'Neal (Lisette)Bobby Shepherd (Paramedic #2)


Gary Taylor, Fred Blurton



Trapped in his favorite restaurant during the worst snow storm in Chicago history, Jelly Dinotto, a lovable, misfit mobster, has one night to escape the family business and win the heart of Megan the woman of his dreams. The problem? Jelly and his trigger-happy cousin, Nick, discover that two underachieving detectives are also trapped in the restaurant with a warrant for their arrest. Sparks soon begin to fly, pistols light up, and the power in the restaurant goes out. Sanity is restored as Megan mysteriously finds herself in charge with the only remaining loaded gun. As the snow continues to fall, Jelly must ultimately choose between the life he knows and the woman he loves in this engaging dark, romantic mobster comedy.