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Queens Bound

1h 30m


Daniel Girace (Marcus)Richard Giambalvo (Anthony)Allyson Sereboff (Danelle)Victor Michaels (Don Silio Gamitti)Frank Merlino (Don Vito)Rick Denlinger (Richie)Lino Del Core (Geogio)Sophia Remolde (Brenna)Natalia Papaconstandinou (Melody Sipriano)Antonio Alfama (Rocko Mansanti)Connie Calabro (Carol)Michael Calabro (Bobby)Steve Chao (Wong)Bill McAdams (Vinny)Matthew Murphy (Angelo)Sarah Nashman (Anna)Jean-Pierre Torrealba (Car man)Rachel Valdati (Janice)


Steve Rahaman



Writer and Director STEVE RAHAMAN welcomes you to the world of organized crime set in the borough of Queens NY. Queens Bound is the prequel to the award winning film Christmas Day (2007 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Best Crime Award). Anthony (RICHARD GIAMBALVO) and Marcus (DANIEL GIRACE) are best friends born and raised in the dangerous world of organized crime. After years of doing petty jobs for their mafia boss Don Silio (MICHAEL VICTOR) they finally gain the opportunity to score bigger pay checks and fulfill their dream of becoming made men. Things fall apart quickly as they soon find out they were ambushed by rival Triad drug lord, Wong (STEVE CHAO) on their first major job. Anthony quickly assuming they were set up by their own counterparts, Rocko (ANTONIO ALFAMA) and Vinny (BILL McADAMS) who believes their next in line for captain, Anthony confronts Marcus who passes these obstructions off as being part of a test. This confrontation causes tension between them further confirming that Marcus is set on fulfilling his dream. With the death of his sister and trying to find the man that killed her. Anthony is caught between the lifestyle he knows and must deal with trying to save his relationship with his frustrated girlfriend Danelle, (ALLYSON SEREBOFF). Brace yourself for a story of tragedy, defeat and power.