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Saving Newburgh

1h 43m


Andrew Marino (Self)Nick Valentine (Self)Regina Angelo (Self)Sal Cracolici (Self)


Merle Becker



The small city of Newburgh, NY was once called "The Best All-American City" in 1952. It boasts the largest historic district in the United States, glorious Hudson River views around every corner, and a stunning array of historical Victorian architecture. Almost 50 years later, it has slid to NY state's "Most Violent City" status. Drugs and crime run rampant. Some people blame past events, others focus on the recent administration, during which $380,000 was wire transferred to friends of the mayor. Bumper stickers reading "Honest Mayor Wanted: Apply Newburgh, NY" started popping up around the city. An underground website was started, attacking both the politics and personal issues. The heated political climate led to a firey campaign for mayor in 2003. The film follows the four candidates running for mayor, as well as some of the higher profile citizens as they 'fight' for change. The film climaxes with the selection of the city's new mayor, and the open-ended question of weather or not this Hudson River city will finally be saved.