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The Flashing

1h 1m


Michael Purton (Self)Matthew Ladbrooke (Matt)Daniel Wood (Steve Muff)Alex Bates (The Epsilon Caretaker)Alex Baggott (The Hitman)


Alex Baggott



A young man named Michael Purton (played by himself) has been invited to look after the isolated Undersmell Hotel for the summer while the manager is away on holiday. Due to his dyspraxia, Purton decides to bring along two friends to help with the running of the hotel: Matt (Matthew Ladbrooke) and Steve (Daniel Wood). Although there is no old cook with whom he can relate, Steve has discovered that he has a special ability he can 'flash'. Unfortunately, the hotel turns out to be just a suburban house and the departing manager, somewhat atypical. Purton is aware of an evil presence in the hotel. To make matters worse, the caretaker of the hotel grounds (Alex Bates) is trying to kill them and Matt is beginning to act strangely. Will Purton's dyspraxia somehow lead him to discover a warning before the terrible events unfold? Will the others believe him? Will he be able to stop the evil force at work? And can he do it before he dies? What follows is a tale of haunting, suspense, insanity... and other crap. We call it 'THE FLASHING'