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The Great Ruins of Truth: A Dark End Approaches



Kelly Barber (Angelica Ryson)Nathan Carter (Dr. Carter Keeper Of Keys)Lee Grainger (Lezrious Knight)Casey Kent (Younger Jake)Madeline McQueen (Queen Annabella)Philip Price (Dr. Price Keeper Of Keys)Cyrus R. Thompson (Cyrus Ryson Keeper Of Events)Sereita Thompson (Victoria)Michael Vale (Michael)


Cyrus R. Thompson



After the events of "The Rise Of The Immortal" the immortal being has some control over Michael's body which he is using as a vessel and he and his army have control over the town river cray. Now he plans to open a link between the town and the nexus zone to free the rest of the fallen shadows from prison island, allowing them to come to River Cray. From there they will scatter across the earth and the bigger plan shell take place. Cyrus must do all he can to try and stop the immortal being from opening the gateways to the nexus zone and must fight to help Michael gain complete control back of his own body.