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After we attended the Chicago and New York iterations of the Lagunitas Brewing Company’s annual Beer Circus—which we wrote about and broadcast live from on Facebook—it’s time for you West Coast folks to get a chance to experience it. In anticipation of their brand new Azusa Brewery opening in early 2017, the event will feature all the music, food, and circus insanity the locale has to offer. On October 22, the Beer Circus opens for business. The opportunities available will include:

Brought to you by Lagunitas

  • Food and beer trucks, including frosty offerings from IPA, Little Sumpin, Aunt Sally, Nighttime, Daytime, Censored, Dogtown, Maximus, Sucks, Hop Stoopid, Brown Shugga, 12th of Never, Tuberfest, and featured beers from 10 other SoCal breweries.
  • Live music throughout the day, including sets by PPL MVR, Honus Honus, Tasty Face, and Wet Secrets.
  • Professional sideshow performers: Sword swallowers, aerialists, and more.
  • Midway games and prizes, as well as human-powered carnival rides
  • Wild circus costumes, including attendees themselves, who are—as always—encouraged to dress up and add to the festivities.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes to local charity—in this case, Launch LA, a local arts non-profit. So buy your tickets, dust off your finest circus ensemble, ready yourself for a proper facepaint at the event, and we’ll see you there.

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