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Just because you’ve been nominated for an Academy Award doesn’t mean you can stop eating your vegetables. That’s the hard lesson Kumail Nanjiani learned this week when he was forced to make good on a bet with Baby Driver director Edgar Wright. Apparently, Wright predicted last year that Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon would be nominated for Best Original Screenplay for their film The Big Sick. If his prediction turned out to be right, Nanjiani would have to eat a heaping plate of a food he hates, brussels sprouts. That’s why, soon after the nominations were announced, Nanjiani found himself staring down at a pile of roasted sprouts and a glass of champagne.


“I’ve never been happier to lose a bet and eat a bowl of something I dislike,” Nanjiani tweeted before clarifying that he still didn’t care for brussels sprouts, despite the positive connotation they’re now associated with. So, bad news for parents of picky eaters. Getting your kid an Oscar won’t make them suddenly like the veggies they hate. “I can confidently say this was my last bowl of brussels sprouts ever,” Nanjiani added.

But Wright clearly wasn’t done with the Silicon Valley star yet. “But what if you win? What then?” the director tweeted. “I have it. If you win, you have to eat an Oscar made of sprouts.” So far, Nanjiani hasn’t agreed to this latest bargain, but since it’s been publicly posted on Twitter it’s basically legally binding. We eagerly await photographic evidence of this monstrosity.

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