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Ninja Turtles’ Michelangelo views work of lesser Michelangelo

Attention ‘90s kids: Museums are cool now. Early this morning, the curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York welcomed a very special hero in a half shell to admire their newest exhibition. Yes, Michelangelo may, in fact, be a party dude, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also enjoy the works of another well known, albeit less culturally relevant, Michelangelo. The museum posted a few candid shots of the nunchuck-wielding amphibian enjoying some Italian renaissance art, which he no doubt found both bodacious and radical.

“Such gnarly craftsmanship!” Screenshot: Twitter

More cynical readers may see this stunt as a desperate attempt by the Met to entice younger patrons or even parents with TMNT-obsessed children to visit their museum that may be having a difficult time garnering public interest in the age of smart phones and Netflix. But that’s ignoring the fact that Ninja Turtles doing anything is both cool and good. If we need anything in this world right now, it’s more opportunities to enjoy art that makes us exclaim, “Cowabunga, dude!”

Though it appears Mikey was only visiting for the day, the Michelangelo exhibit will be continuing at the Met until February 12. In other news, there are rumors the Street Sharks will be making an appearance at the Museum Of Natural History and the Motorcycle Mice From Mars will be signing autographs at the Guggenheim.

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