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Okay, now the rest of the Parks And Recreation cast is telling the NRA to eat shit

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Last night, the NRA tweeted out a thank you to spokeswoman Dana Loesch for “being the voice of over 5 million #NRA members.” This was in response to a town hall on CNN on which Loesch got her ass handed to her by a whole cavalcade of Parkland shooting survivors. The NRA accompanied this thank you note with a GIF from Parks And Recreation, which they definitely found by googling “Thank You GIF” and picking something seemingly at random. Kids like GIFs, right?

Still, that didn’t stop the show’s creator and star from telling the association to delete the tweet and kindly fuck off.


Now Nick Offerman has weighed in on the matter, with equal glad tidings to the lobby that has flooded the country with military-grade weaponry.


Adam Scott kindly cautioned them about fucking with Knope:


And Aubrey Plaza popped in to utilize the rare self-GIF, which must feel just fucking terrific in this context.


Intriguingly, the NRA has yet to respond to any of this, nor have they followed up on the requests to delete the original tweet, fuck off, or eat shit. Maybe they’ll comply when Chris Pratt gets involved.

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