The Tick

The Internet features more than its share of negativity and snark—sometimes you’ve just gotta vent. But there’s plenty of room for love, too. With Fan Up, we ask pop-culture people we admire to tell us about something they really, really like. For Comics Week, some of our favorite comics artists are paying tribute to books that inspired them.


The fan: Ryan Browne is one of the industry’s most talented creators when it comes to utterly insane comic books, and his creator-owned series God Hates Astronauts is one of the strangest, most hilarious titles around. After releasing a collection of God Hates Astronauts and serving on the art team of titles like Bedlam and The Manhattan Projects at Image Comics, Browne will bring his signature series to the publisher in October when he launches God Hates Astronauts #1, providing wildly imaginative craziness to readers on a monthly basis. [Oliver Sava]