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The Black Panther soundtrack roars its way to the top of the Billboard album charts

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It’s a good day to be a Wakandan. Or, if you prefer real-life winners (which thereby implies real-life losers, but let’s stay positive here, unless you want to talk about Fergie), it’s a good day to be Kendrick Lamar and the rest of the TDE crew responsible for the Black Panther soundtrack.

After a weekend that saw the latest Marvel superhero film absolutely destroy all competitors at the box office (as well as bring in a couple of kids wearing a trenchcoat trying to Vincent Adultman their way in), the Lamar-curated collection of original songs accompanying the film also shot its way to number one. Rolling Stone reports Black Panther: The Album sold 154,000 copies in its first week of release, of which more than a third of those were traditional album sales. Not a traditional soundtrack—only three of the 14 songs on the record actually appear in the film—but rather an “inspired by” type of situation, the album joins other number-one charting companion albums of film-adjacent music such as, um, somewhat less-inspired collections like Men In Black: The Album and The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond.


The next closest release, Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods, came in at number two with 74,000 copies, or less than half of Black Panther’s giant-sized feline haul. Also, this is only the second time in more than a decade that three soundtracks have been in the top five, with the other two releases being the original musical The Greatest Showman (at number three) and the original fan-fiction garbage Fifty Shades Freed (at number five). But neither of those films had awesome nanobot shoes, so fuck ’em.

Also you should pick up Black Panther: The Album. As we said the other week, it’s really great.

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